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A Message From the Chapter Polemarch


As the 10th Polemarch of the Bowie/Mitchellville (MD) Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Incorporated (BMAC), I want to welcome and thank you for visiting our site.  BMAC has been serving its members and the greater Bowie/Mitchellville area since 2003.

If you are a Brother looking for a chapter-home your search has ended, BMAC is for you!  Our Reclamation Chairman is waiting to hear from you.  We believe in not only doing the work of Kappa but also in fellowshipping with each other whenever possible.  We believe that our Bond lightens the work and makes us stronger as a chapter, BMAC Strong to be exact.

Parents, we believe we have one of the strongest mentoring programs (Kappa League) in the Eastern Province.  It is a robust program that is a combination of guest speakers, hands-on activities, community service, field trips and contests such as our annual Kappa League Quiz Bowl.  In addition, in conjunction with our charitable foundation, the Bowie-Mitchellville Diamond Foundation, we offer college scholarships and awards for college-bound Seniors.  Please view our Kappa League page and contact our Kappa League chairman if you are interested registering your son.

If you are just curious about our Chapter, you will find that BMAC offers and participates in a robust set of social and community service activities such as toy drives, our Adopt-a-Highway program on Route 450 near Bowie High School, back to school “dap” days, virtual workshops and more.  We are always open to new partnerships so feel free to reach out to us with your ideas and proposals. You can see more of what we do on Facebook and Instagram.

If you are interested in membership, as a 2010 BMAC initiate, I cannot speak more highly of the Chapter as the place to start your journey.  In accordance, with the guidelines set forth by Grand Chapter, we provide a program that facilitates learning, friendship and service.  If you are interested contact our intake chairman using the form on our Membership page.

The 10th Administration is excited to follow the path of excellence and ACHIEVEMENT set by previous administrations.  We look forward to our opportunity to brighten the “Beacon of the East”.

Joe Williams
10th Chapter Polemarch

History of Our Chapter

In June of 2003, brothers James Hinkle and Charles Exum were playing golf when they formed an idea to start an Alumni Chapter in Prince Georges County. They discussed the growing number of brothers moving to the Bowie/Mitchellville MD area. According to the 2000 census, Prince Georges County, Maryland is the wealthiest county in the nation with an African-American majority.

The climate was right for a chapter to service the needs of these brothers moving into the Bowie/Mitchellville area. In addition, there was enormous interest to start an Alumni Chapter for brothers who had no prior affiliation with an Alumni Chapter but were looking to join a chapter close to home.

Charles Exum contacted Anthony B. Hill, Eastern Province Polemarch, who authorized him to take the preliminary steps to establish a chapter. As an initial requirement, the Grand Chapter mandated there be at least 12 Brothers in good financial standing. To meet this minimum requirement, the names of these 12 Brothers were submitted to International Headquarters:

join our chapter
Ernest W. Jenkins
Emmett R. Roberts
Life Member
Mack M. Jenkins
John L. Walker, Jr.
Life Member
M. Sammye Miller, PhD
Life Member
Donjuan L. Williams
Life Member
P. Lee Harvey
Life Member
James A. Hinkle, PhD
Life Member
Philandieus Bryant
Life Member
Wendell O. Moore, PhD
Life Member
William E. Crutchfield
Life Member
Charles E. Exum, Jr.
Life Member

The petition was submitted along with required information to Grand Chapter. As our Lord would allow, on September 3, 2003 The Grand Board of Directors officially approved the establishment of the Bowie-Mitchellville (MD) Alumni Chapter. The formal chartering ceremony took place on October 4, 2003 with the incoming Povince Polemach Rufus F. Clanzy presiding over the ceremony. Other Kappa dignitaries in attendance were: Elder Watson Diggs Awardee Winfred Mundle and Province Vice Polemarch, John T. Lanier. Charles Exum was installed as the 1st Polemarch.

The following brothers were present at the Chartering Ceremony were given the distinction of Honorary Charter Members:

Jesse Miller
Life Member
Kevin Taylor
Life Member
Dr. John K. Jenkins
Life Member
Very First Brother to Join BMAC.

Past Polemarchs

Hugene Fields
David Janifer
Walter Swindell
William Crutchfield
Craig McCord
P. Lee Harvey
Kevin Taylor
Wendell Moore
Charles Exum Jr.


Joe Williams
1st Vice Polemarch
Lawrence Speed
2nd Vice Polemarch
Justin Cobb
Keeper of Records
Kenrick Roberts
Keeper of the Exchequer
Mykel Jones
Kenji Darby
Lt. Strategus
Terrell Garner
Jabari Michael
Board of Directors
Shaun Trapp
Board of Directors
Derek Streeter
Board of Directors
Justin Cobb
Board of Directors
Hugene Fields
Nominations and Elections Committee Chairman
Brandon Cyrus
Membership Training Academy Chairman
Sedrick Isaac
Reclamation Chairman
Wade Blair
Guide Right Chairman
Dwayne Burns


Genesis 10 (Spring 2005)
Dixon, Jr., Charles L
Coffee, Gerry
McKinney, Kirby J.
Ford, Terrence J.
Quick, Wayne B.
Ware, John L.
Parker, Darrel K.
Reed, David L.
Kitchings, Jr., John H.
Cooper, Brunson L
Five Souls 1 Dream(Spring 2007)
Napper, III. William T.
Jones, Michael A.
Jones, Tyrone L.
Pittman, John B.
Shirriel, Brian A.
Six Degrees of Komposure (Spring 2009)
Harper, Wilbur D.
Allen, Steven M.
Mauer, James C.
Nixon, Jeffrey A.
Miller, Peter C.
Ballard, Kent D.
4 Diamonds in the Rough (Spring 2010)
Lee, Shaun L.
Todd, Brandon T.
Williams, Jr., Joe L.
Fields, Hugene T.
Centennial Seven (Spring 2011)
Shields, Justin M.
Wilson, Michael J.
Lester, Damon L.
Russell, Arthur A.
Hellams, Jr., Eugene
Hill, StephenJ.
Reeves, Terrance J.
4 Delayed Kasualties of Khaos (Fall 2012)
Cyrus, Brandon R.
Smith, Alex C.
Major, Jr., Marcellus
Griffin, Ramon G.
Unfinished Business (Spring 2013)
Peebles, Joel R.
Coleman, Rodney E.
Womack, Craig D.
5 Karat Diamonds (Fall 2013)
McRae, Michael P.
Isaac, Sedrick
Woolford, Andre H M
Muse, C. Anthony
Williamson, C. Cory
The Ace of Diamonds (Spring 2014)
Sise, Sankung
3 Advocators of A Positive Force (Fall 2016)
Jackson, Allen
Givens, Brett
Cobb, Justin
The Four Heartbeats - Koming to Kappa (Spring 2018)
Majette, McKinley
Stone, Stewart
Edwards, Bruce
Styles, Paul
The Five Guardians of the Dream (Spring 2019)
Maniece, Jerrard
Jackson, Kaleb
Ford, Dyrell
Speed, Brandon
Trapp, Shaun
3 Agents of the Prototype (Spring 2020)
Cook, Ahmad
McPhaull, Scott
Waddell, Myron
12 D.I.MEN.S.I.O.N.S of a Vision Made Clear (Spring 2023)
Crosby, Joshua
Broadwater, De’John
Garner, Terrell
White, Jerome
Chance, Jeffrey
Michael-Khensu, Jabari
Simpson, Gary
Jones, Mykel
Byas, Benlix
Ramson, Kris
Darby, Kenji
Jackson, Michael