"CIAA Outing"

Kappa Leaguers journeyed to Baltimore for the CIAA Tournament Men's and Women's Basketball Championship Games at CFG Bank Arena. During the women's game, our Kappa Leaguers looked on as Fayetteville State University took down Elizabeth City State University 64-59 to claim the CIAA Women's Basketball Championship.

Next, our Kappa Leaguers witnessed the Lincoln University Lions (PA) defeat the Fayetteville State University Broncos 54-51 in a hard-fought battle. Prior to the game, our Kappa Leaguers embraced the full HBCU experience and atmosphere during the CIAA Fan Fest at the Baltimore Convention Center.

"MLK Day"

Kappa League for the Bowie/Mitchellville Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. partnered with Charter Senior Living of Bowie as they hosted their MLK Day Community Service Project. Our Kappa Leaguers met and greeted senior residents; provided toiletries and hygiene products for senior residents; engaged senior residents in MLK trivia; and thoroughly enjoyed playing board games with senior residents as well.

Our Kappa Leaguers also had the opportunity to exchange pleasantries with a resident who was 103 years of age.

"Swim Safety"

According to the USA Swimming Foundation, 64% of African-American children and 45% of Hispanic children have little to no ability to swim, even though swim lessons can reduce the risk of drowning by 88%. Drownings continue to be the leading cause of death among young children, especially in pools. From 2018 to 2020, more than 1,100 kids, 15 years and younger, died from reported drownings.

Our young men received invaluable information and insight on the following: use of personal flotation devices; understanding water depths and never to swim alone; recognizing the signs of drowning; action steps if someone is drowning; floating techniques and buoyancy maneuvers; and the significance of remaining calm if you were to fall into the water.

"Effective Leadership Strategies"

On Saturday, January 6th, the Kappa League for the Bowie/Mitchellville Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. hosted their Effective Leadership Strategies Forum with accomplished author and mentor Mr. Daon McLarin Johnson.

As a certified life coach, Mr. Johnson has dedicated his life to educating, empowering, and equipping emerging leaders.

"Highway Cleanup"

The true meaning of Christmas in doing their part to keep the city of Bowie, Maryland beautiful as they participated in our annual BMAC Kappa League Highway Cleanup.

"S.T.E.M. Lab"

Kappa Leaguers participated in an interactive STEM Lab demonstration on the campus of Bowie State University.

Our Kappa Leaguers were supervised by three BSU lab technicians and learned basic lab skills and safety precautions while using laboratory instruments to perform a Micropipette practice lab exercise.

Our young men also toured BSU's aquaponics' facility. Aquaponics is a cooperation between plants and fish (the growing of fish in a closed environment) and hydroponics (the growing of plants usually in a soil-less environment).

"Self Expression Forum"

Kappa League attended a Self-Expression Empowerment Forum with influential journalist Panama D. Jackson on the campus Bowie State University.

Panama Jackson is an award-winning writer, author, and columnist for theGrio.com and host of the Dear Culture podcast on the Grio Black Podcast Network.

He is co-founder and former Senior Editor of the award-winning website, VerySmartBrothas.com.

"Drug Prevention Forum"

Kappa League attended a Student Drug Prevention Forum on the campus of Bowie State University. Kappa Leaguers were joined by representatives from the Prince George's County Health Department and student coordinators/peer presenters from Bowie State University.

"Veterans Day"

The Kappa League for the Bowie-Mitchellville Alumni Chapter (BMAC) of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. partnered with U.S. Vets (Washington, DC) to recognize the immeasurable sacrifices of our service men and women in celebration of Veterans Day.

There are more than 18 million living veterans in the United States, representing about 6% of the country’s adult population. U.S. Vets provides outreach and coordinated services for Veterans to address issues of homelessness,  workforce development, and mental health.

"Campus Tour - Morgan State University"

Kappa Leaguers traveled to Baltimore and toured the campus of Morgan State University. While on campus, our young men met notable alumni and took in the sights and sounds of an HBCU football game as the Morgan State Bears defeated the Delaware State Hornets 24-17.

Most importantly, the Alpha Iota Brothers of Kappa Alpha Psi facilitated an impactful classroom session where our young men gained insightful tips on:  avoiding college distractions; priorities vs. procrastination; time management; the responsibility of independence; and learning to never compromise one's purpose.

"Self-Identity Empowerment Forum with Dr. Jeff Menzise"

Dr. Jeff Menzise is an Associate Professor with the Morgan State University Institute for Urban Research and is a past president of The Association of Black Psychologists, Washington, DC Chapter.

Our Kappa Leaguers engaged in constructive discourse towards discovering their life's purpose, true calling, and self-worth in a world filled with detrimental distractions.

BMAC Kappa Leaguers also learned: the aspects of having a healthy self-esteem; how insecurities are best identified, treated, and overcome; the historical origins of self-hatred; and how fear impacts one's lack of focus.

"Nutritional Health Forum"

Registered Dietician and Chef Ms. Sidelle Hayes of Food Jonezi (DC) join the BMAC Kappa Leaguers. Food Jonezi is a consulting practice that specializes in nutrition counseling, education, wellness, prevention, menu planning, and nutrition analysis.

"Kappa League Open House"

BMAC Kappa League Open House @ Bowie State University.
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